The Fairlington Preschool Board of Directors is comprised of members of the Preschool Community, Fairlington UMC, and the community.  The Board’s purpose is to govern and administer the operation of the school.  All are invited to review our Fairlington Preschool By Laws.

Fairlington Preschool Board of Directors:

Leslie Casson-Stevens, Chairperson

Roger Harville, Fairlington UMC Representative

Ashley Keating, Fairlington UMC Representative

Kristin Donaghy, Fairlington Preschool Representative

Nicole Ernst, Fairlington Preschool Representiave

Kristie Hayes, Fairlington Preschool Representative

Open, At-Large Community Member

Carol Keller, Preschool Director

Rev. Christian White, Minister of Congregational Family Life, Fairlington UMC